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Lily Dale has always been a feminine place. Wonderful women have come here since the beginning to enjoy, create and contribute to everything that Lily Dale has to offer. In 1893, more than 3,000 women met here to promote women's equality. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton visited here many times. These remarkable women, as well as thousands of other female inspirational thinkers, speakers and mediums were well aware of the power that women naturally embody. Lily Dale was the only place in the United States where Susan B. Anthony was permitted to speak. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the true architect of the Women's Movement, was written out of history because she wrote "The Women's Bible." Both Elizabeth and Susan, who can be credited for the freedom women enjoy today, spent many happy days here.

Not surprisingly, Spiritualism itself is a religion based on feminine qualities. It focuses on the inner knowing and intuitive wisdom that comes so naturally to women. In the mid 19th century, Spiritualism was the largest religion in the United States. Women, and good men, embraced it because it promoted free thinking and equality among genders and races. There is no concept of sin in Spiritualism, and thus, no need to be saved or have an intermediary between a person and their own conception of infinite intelligence. Spiritualism provided a platform for women to speak publically on moral and spiritual issues -literally for the first time.

The MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) is the only feminine-based psychological tool. Like Spiritualism, it is based on one's intuition and inner knowing -which on MARI, enables one's choices of symbols and colors. Unlike most traditional psychological approaches, MARI is based on the concept that every person is potentially whole. The mandala, the basis of MARI, is a container of consciousness that reveals a picture of the Self. MARI, which makes the interpretation of the mandala possible, was developed by Joan Kellogg and was finalized in 1993.

Women's Place

The Women's Place honors the remarkable women and the feminine-based concepts that are the basis of Spiritualism and MARI for helping to bring the balance of the Feminine principle to a male-based world. The Women's Place also honors the energy of the countless women who came together then, and continue to come together today, to this wonderful place called Lily Dale. The Women's Place particularly honors Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who was mistreated because she was so ahead of her time, and Joan Kellogg, for her original and brilliant contribution of bringing an instrument based in wholeness to psychology.

The Women's Place is a place where women can come to meet, read, relax and learn. Dedicated to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Joan Kellogg, it houses a library that contains the works and contributions of both of these remarkable women.

The Women's Place offers:

  • Coffee, tea, relaxation and socialization
  • Free videos on topics related to women and the Feminine Principle
  • Free lectures and discussions on women and the Feminine Principle

Check Daily for the times when The Women's Place is open.

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